Cool Welding Projects You Can Do At Home

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  • Mark

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  • Monica Lowell

    What is the cheapest starter welding machine that will work? I know some welding machines require a special plug in. I am just looking for kind of a starter machine for my husband for Christmas. He is a pipe welder and can make any machine work I am sure but I don’t want to surprise him with a machine that he can’t use. He wants to do simple projects to start a small side business.

    • beastm0de7 (Beastm0de7)

      Depends on what kind of welder he uses and knows how to use, mig, tig, or stick but the cheapest ones may work however they will cost more in the long run when their price will really show. I am not a very experienced welder or a professional however so I will leave a true answer to that question for someone who is.

      • Joe Simmons

        Get him a miller deltaweld and he will love you forever trust me

    • Jason Moore

      Monica i just got this and it works great it can be hooked up to 110 or 230 it can do all welding just not AC welding i would ask him what brand he likes or uses at work and go from there

    • Joe Simmons

      Get him a miller deltaweld and he will love you forever

    • Pawel Gloc

      alpha tig 200x