Plasma Cutters

Reviews and comparisons of the best plasma cutters.


Eastwood Versa Cut 60 Plasma Cutter Review

As leaders in the DIY welders community, the Eastwood brand is synonymous with quality welding equipment. The Eastwood Versa Cut 60 plasma cutter is no exception, offering fast, precise cuts in a portable machine...


Plasma Cutter Reviews

Comparisons, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide Plasma cutting technology has advanced to a point where portable plasma cutters are now well within the budgets of both professionals and hobbyists alike. Below you’ll be able to...


Choosing The Best Welding Table

A good welding table should be portable, comfortable to use, and be made out of a sturdy, long-lasting material. There are a number of low-end, cheap welder surfaces on the market which will probably last you...