Welding Tools And Equipment Comparisons

Here you’ll find reviews and comparisons of the top welding tools and equipment on the market – from welding helmets to MIG/TIG welders and plasma cutters, gloves, boots and everything in between. Our goal is to create a comprehensive resource that will help you discover the best-in-class welding tools for your needs.

To aid us in this goal we rate every piece of welding equipment in relevant categories such as quality, safety, easy-of-use, etc, and use detailed comparison charts to compare the products side-by-side. We also offer mini-reviews of the top 5 – 10 best products in their category, as well as more detailed reviews should you need them.

Each comparison also comes with a buyer’s guide that will help you understand what to look for in the welding tool you’re looking for – the important features and specs you won’t want to miss out on, and those that you can give a miss if price is an issue.

Finally, we offer pricing for each product in the comparison so you can easily decide which one gives you the best price-to-product ratio. For most of our products we’ve also gone out and looked for the cheapest place to buy it online (usually Amazon), and linked out to it. If you use the link, we’ll get a small percentage of the sale from the vendor (your price isn’t affected). In this way we can continue writing more and better reviews and helping you discover the best welding tools for your needs.

Lotos TIG140 Welder 0

TIG Welder Reviews: The Best TIG Welder for the Money

Comparisons, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding – otherwise known as GMAW – is a welding process which uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. This process needs you to use both hands,...

Servore Auto Darkening Welding Goggles 0

The Best Welding Safety Glasses: Shades 14, 10 & 5

Which one is right for you? It’s no secret that there are many health risks and occupational hazards associated with welding. However, many welders don’t realize just how much damage can be done to...

Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder 1

MIG Welder Reviews: The Best MIG Welder for the Money

Comparisons, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welders work by feeding wire through a weld gun. An arc is formed which melts the metal, allowing the two pieces to fuse together; the...

Steiner 316-8X10 Welding Blanket 0

The Best Portable Welding Screens, Curtains and Blankets

Reviews and Buyer’s Guide Portable welding screens are essential in any workshop which needs optical protection as well as resistance against high temperatures, sparks and spatter. Depending on your requirements, these can be draped...

Reelcraft CA32112-L Reel 0

The Best Welding Cable Lead Reels

Reviews and Buyer’s Guide Keep your workshop neat and tidy by using a welding lead reel to store your cables. Aside from preventing trip hazards, doing so will preserve the lifespan of your hoses...


Plasma Cutter Reviews

Comparisons, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide Plasma cutting technology has advanced to a point where portable plasma cutters are now well within the budgets of both professionals and hobbyists alike. Below you’ll be able to...


Choosing The Best Welding Table

A good welding table should be portable, comfortable to use, and be made out of a sturdy, long-lasting material. There are a number of low-end, cheap welder surfaces on the market which will probably last you...