The Ultimate List Of Welding Websites & Resources

welding websites

As hard as it is to admit, we don’t know everything. Which is why we’ve scoured the web to find the best welding-related information out there – from the obscure to the actionable – to help you further your knowledge of all things welding-related.

Please note that these are third-party websites and as such, we don’t take any responsibility or liability if you do decide to visit them.

Welding Organisations And Leaders

These are the leading websites on the web in the welding discipline. They offer certification, courses, research and training in the fields of fabrication and welding.

AWS – The Americal Welding Society is the leading welding resource online today. They offer welding resources, training, certification, research papers and a whole lot more.

Underwater Welding

The following websites deal with the topic of welding underwater – from salary and job information, to underwater welding schools, equipment and more.

Water Welders – A useful resource for those getting into the underwater welding industry. Includes job, salary, education, and certification information.

Stay tuned for more welding resources.